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The Flying Fisherman

By Lara Carlton, 08/20/19, 10:15AM EDT


LFT Alum Eric Loughran is flying and fishing all summer long

Repeatedly jumping off a 14-foot tall kicker that launches him nearly 50 feet in the air while performing quadruple twisting triple backflips into a pool all summer is not everyone’s idea of a good time.  But for U.S. Ski Team aerialist Eric Loughran (Pelham, N.H.), it’s not only his passion, but it’s also his job.  A 2018 Olympian and U.S. Ski Team member since 2013, Loughran, a consistent top-10 World Cup finisher, landed his first podium in March at Shimao Lotus Mountain in China.  All of that hang time can get to your head, but Loughran found a way to decompress: fly fishing. 

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